About this Site

The scenarios on this website were developed by Bits and Atoms and Dash Marshall with support from the Bloomberg Aspen Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles.

Foresight and Scenario Development: Bits and Atoms and Dash Marshall

Production Coordination: Melissa De la Cruz

Graphic design and Illustration: Ryan Thacker

Code: Push the Red Button

Scenario reporting: Greg Lindsay

Scenario Illustrations: Kristin Boydstun, Nick Iluzada, and Studio Muti

Scenario Advisory Group: Shaun Abrahamson (Urban.Us), Varun Adhibatla (Argo), Francesca Birks (Arup), Garry Golden (FutureThink), Eric Goldwyn (NYU Marron Institute), Greg Lindsay (Senior Fellow, New Cities), Chelsea Mauldin (Public Policy Lab), Ritchie Yao (Dash Marshall)